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Motoko Ishii Lighting Design and Ishii Conception Office Network (ICON) were commissioned by the Japanese and Italian Embassies to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. They created a special ten minute light programme on the facade of the Colosseum in Rome, which included nine Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Evo projectors. The event was free to attend and took place over three nights in May 2016.

  • Performer with "KUKAN" - 140 Panasonic professional video wall displays at MilanoSalone 2016

    Performer with "KUKAN" - …

    Performer with "KUKAN" - The Invention of Space realised with 140 Panasonic professional video wall displays at MilanoSalone 2016 Panasonic takes part in the Milano Salone 2016, which is held in Milan, Italy from April 12 to 17. This year, Panasonic is introducing an installation designed with the theme - "KŪKAN" The Invention of Space. The installation features one hundred forty 55-inch video wall screens TH-55LFV5 arranged into 7 pillars that will showcase Japan's unique view of the world and the beauty of its nature, while also combining the traditional culture of Japan with state-of-the-art technology to bring to life a new experience, the "Wonder Japan Experience" that fuels imagination.
  • Bringing visual mapping to the restaurant table with Le Petit Chef

    Traditionally visual mapp…

    Traditionally visual mappings are thought of as large video mappings onto buildings, at large events being viewed by large crowds. However, Belgian based company Skullmapping, run by Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx, have demonstrated that small scale visual mappings for a smaller group of people can be equally impressive. ‘Le Petit Chef’ tells the story of a small animated chef who is projected onto diners’ plates and proceeds to ‘cook’ their food, on their plates in front of them. A new way of thinking about visual mappings Initially the mapping was centred round a main meal. The video of this proved such a success on YouTube (where the video had 4.3 million views in the first 10 months) and other social media, that Skullmapping added an entrée, a fish dish and came up with the second story, the bouillabaisse. Now the mapping consists of a full meal including an entrée, main course and dessert. For more information about our professional projector line up visit our website www.business.panasonic.co.uk
  • Panasonic helps light up Cambridge e-Luminate Festival

    The e-Luminate Cambridge …

    The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a modern arts festival for a city at the forefront of technology and research. One of the key installations at the Festival in 2016 was 'Venn' at the Senate House. Lines and shapes merge in this stunning projection by the Projection Studio's Ross Ashton featuring Susie Olczak. Reminiscent of Venn diagrams, this piece is a tribute to John Venn, English logician and philosopher who studied at Gonville and Caius College. A single Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Evo projector helped create the stunning show. For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit: http://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system
  • AF1 dispays featuring Android-based System OpenPort PLATFORM

    Introducing Panasonic AF1…

    Introducing Panasonic AF1 dispays: Professional signage display featuring Android-based System On Chip OpenPort PLATFORM Introducing Panasonic new AF1 Series: the industry's most adaptable, flexible, and versatile signage display solution. Its powerful OpenPort PLATFORM™ operating system not only allows for extensive display customisation in a wide variety of applications, but also makes installation and everyday operation easier than ever before.
  • Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light" - DZ21K2 projectors set a Guiness World Record

    The Moscow International …

    The Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light” is an annual event at which light and graphic designers use the urban space of Moscow as a canvas for multimedia and light installations. Panasonic flagship projectors DZ21K2 strongly supported the festival and set a Guinness world record for the “Largest Projected Image.” Projecting on the facade of buildings, stretching for more than 19,000 square meters, was an unprecedented attempt for the world record. The projection was formed by 137 Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Series projectors across eleven towers at the riverside and on the roofs of buildings.
  • Panasonic CARES

    Customer Assurance throug…

    Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions. A remote cloud base solution for your Panasonic visual technology . For more information please visit: http://business.panasonic.eu/CARES
  • Panasonic CARES ( V2 )

    Customer Assurance throug…

    Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions. A remote cloud base solution for your Panasonic visual technology . For more information please visit: http://business.panasonic.eu/CARES
  • Perfect promenade projection

    War Productions chooses 1…

    War Productions chooses 14 Panasonic 17,000 lumen projectors (PT-DW17K2) for a semi-permanent digital mapping show at Blackpool Tower. For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit, http://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/
  • iMapp Bucharest 2015

    One of the biggest video-…

    One of the biggest video-mapping events in the world took place on 19th of September 2015. Palace of Parliament on Constitution Square in Bucharest witnessed a joyful celebration of light, colors and sound. This year's show was already second edition of iMapp event.

    l software Panasonic ET-C…

    l software Panasonic ET-CUK10, progettato per rispondere alle particolari criticità delle multiproiezioni (dai 2 ai 64 proiettori) anche su schermi curvi o irregolari, è il tool indispensabile per gestirle facilmente, nel minor tempo possibile e in modo automatico. ET-CUK10 offre, infatti, funzionalità automatiche di Edge Blending, color matching e regolazione geometrica per proiettori DLP di fascia alta. Eletech di Seveso, azienda attiva da quasi trentanni nell?installazione, progettazione e noleggio di apparecchiature video, ne testimonia l?eccezionale qualità e i risultati ottenuti in diversi contesti, in termini di drastica riduzione dei tempi di installazione ed impeccabile precisione dell?immagine.

    Some of the longest queue…

    Some of the longest queues at Milan Expo could be found at the German Pavilion. Entitled 'Field of Ideas', the pavilion used some of the latest projection techniques to create an interactive experience, appreciated by young and old. Fields of Ideas was the realisation of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Messe Frankfurt was entrusted with the organisation and running of the German Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan. Milla & Partner is responsible for the content concept as well as the design of the exhibition and media, which included personalised SeedBoard - an innovative and surprising tool that actively and playfully involved visitors. The SeedBoard served as a screen for text, images, films and games. Visitors used it to initiate and navigate exhibits. The content was projected using Panasonic PT-DZ570 1-chip DLP projectors, in combination with Optitrack sensor technology. For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit: http://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system
  • Panasonic Space Player Videomapping

    Panasonic's hybrid lighti…

    Panasonic's hybrid lighting solution combines the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors, for use in retail, museums and restaurants. The Space Player™ possesses both lighting and laser projection functions in a single spotlight-shaped design, which attaches to standard lighting rails to make installation and relocation easy. It can be used to create appealing exhibits in museums by using moving pictures instead of static graphics, or perhaps in a restaurant where it could be used to create a 'wow factor' by projecting the menu on to the wall or table. The Space Player means you can easily integrate projection into the existing lighting infrastructure, without the need to plan for a separate, costly system. The Space Player can project in all directions below its horizontal axis and can be used in conjunction with SD cards, PCs, and tablets for play back of contents. The use of laser light source means 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation.
  • Panasonic projectors create innovative displays at Japanese Pavilion

    The Japanese Pavilion at …

    The Japanese Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 reflected the country’s various sustainability efforts in the field of agriculture, forestry and fisheries as well as food. Panasonic technology was used throughout the pavilion to create peaceful, uplifting and engaging exhibition spaces throughout. The Pavilion, named 'Harmonious Diversity', was one of the largest pavilions of any participating country. The Pavilion reflected the knowledge and skills that are found throughout "Japanese food" and "Japanese food culture" that will contribute to the solution of issues common to all humankind.

    The United Arab Emirates …

    The United Arab Emirates is a land of contrast, balancing prosperity on one hand and sustainability challenges on the other. It is these themes that the Emirate explores at Milan Expo as visitors are invited on a journey to discover both the history and the future of the desert state. Audiovisual partners Sysco Productions have created an entertaining space, using the latest technology to create a show that is wowing visitors and means queues that, most days, surround the building. At the heart of the visitor journey is a fleet of high brightness Panasonic projectors. For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit, business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system

    The use of modern AV tech…

    The use of modern AV technology has brought the prisoners and guards back to the corridors, detention blocks and cells of Faengslet Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark. Central to the multi-sensory experience are the 56 Panasonic projectors, which help create shadows through the halls and the sight of heavy set prisoners in the toilet blocks. The majority of these are Solid Shine™ laser projectors. A total of 45 PT-RZ330EJ projectors are placed throughout the prison. Solid Shine™ projectors were chosen due to impressive brightness and contrast levels but also because of the no maintenance concept which means they will run for up to seven years without the need for filter or light source replacement. For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit: business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system
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3D-mapping doet vuurwerk verstommen

Onderzoek van Panasonic heeft uitgewezen dat 3D-mapping - de techniek waarbij met behulp van projectie gevels van gebouwen worden verlicht - bezig is traditionele soorten publieksevenementen zoals vuurwerk te verdringen.

3D-mapping doet vuurwerk verstommen

Research from Panasonic has found that 3D mapping, the technique of using projection to illuminate building facades, is replacing traditional types of event entertainment such as fireworks.

Hoge verwachtingen in de sector voor de AF1-serie van Panasonic

Industry hopes high for Panasonic AF1 series. The AV industry has welcomed the launch of Panasonic’s simple System on a Chip AF1 display series which is...

Panasonic brengt een vleugje Moskou naar Prolight + Sound

Panasonic will recreate the world’s largest-ever projected image at the forthcoming Prolight + Sound 2016 exhibition from 5-8 April in Frankfurt, Germany.

Panasonic komt met meer helderheid op ISE 2016

Een 28.000-lumen laserprojector, een videowandscherm met een rand van 1,8 mm en de meest compacte 10.000-lumen DLPTM-laserprojector met 1 chip zijn enkele van de innovaties die Panasonic toont op ISE 2016 in de RAI in Amsterdam.

Panasonic onthult lichte en compacte 10.000-lumen laserprojector met 1 chip

Panasonic heeft op de ISE 2016 de PT-RZ970-serie onthuld, de lichtste en meest compacte DLP™ fosfor-laserprojector met 1 chip. Deze projectoren beschikken over een helderheid van niet minder dan 10.000 lumen bij WUXGA-resolutie.

Nieuwe videowallschermen van Panasonic met randen van slechts 1,8 mm

Panasonic heeft op de ISE 2016 een nieuwe serie videowandschermen met een zeer smalle rand aangekondigd.

Panasonic ontwikkelt displays met ‘Light ID’-transmissiefunctie

Panasonic heeft op de ISE 2016 de Light ID-technologie gedemonstreerd, waarmee via ledschermtechnologie op eenvoudige wijze content voor informatie, entertainment, bewegwijzering en reclame kan worden gedeeld.

Panasonic vergroot assortiment netwerkschermen voor elektronische informatieoverdracht

Met de introductie van de EF1-serie breidt Panasonic binnenkort het assortiment elektronische informatieschermen uit. Aan de LFE8-serie die vorig jaar op de ISE werd geïntroduceerd, worden 84-, 75- en 32-inch schermen toegevoegd.

Panasonic brengt verbeterde 5.000 lumen projectoren op de markt

Panasonic heeft op de ISE 2016 in Amsterdam drie nieuwe projectorseries in de 5000-lumen klasse geïntroduceerd die bedoeld zijn voor onderwijsinstellingen en bedrijven.

Panasonic introduceert 28.000 lumen laserprojector
Nieuwe whiteboarddisplay van Panasonic maakt debuut op ISE 2016

Panasonic lanceert de nieuwste uitvoering van haar bekroonde reeks multitouch lcd-displays, speciaal ontwikkeld voor onderwijsinstellingen en bedrijven. De BF1-serie zijn whiteboards die zonder pc te gebruiken zijn, met een intuïtieve interface waarmee gebruikers direct aan de slag kunnen en in elk mediaformaat notities maken. Het whiteboard is verkrijgbaar met een display van 80, 65 of 50 inch, heeft 12-punts aanraakbediening en een zwevende menubalk, waarmee men met één aanraking eenvoudig kan schakelen tussen invoermethoden, tekenen en in- en uitzoomen.

Panasonic introduceert Endurance-laserprojector voor het onderwijs

PANASONIC INTRODUCEERT ‘ENDURANCE’ LASERPROJECTOR VOOR HET ONDERWIJS. Panasonic toont volgende maand op de ISE 2016 een nieuwe 1-chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE fosfor-laserprojector,...

Panasonic levert visuele oplossingen voor ceremonies van de Olympische en Paralympische Spelen 2016

Panasonic Corporation heeft een overeenkomst getekend als "Official Ceremony Partner" van het Olympisch organisatiecomité van de Olympische en Paralympische Spelen in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, in het kader waarvan Panasonic kant-en-klare visuele activiteiten gaat leveren voor de ceremonies van de Olympische en Paralympische Spelen deze zomer.

Panasonic introduceert SOC-displays op ISE 2016

PANASONIC ONTHULT SOC-SCHERMEN OP ISE 2016. Panasonic lanceert binnenkort een nieuwe serie schermen voor commerciële digitale borden...

Panasonic zorgt voor helderheid op ISE 2016

PANASONIC GAAT VOOR MEER HELDERHEID OP ISE 2016. Panasonic zal voor het eerst een laserprojector met hoge helderheid voor grote evenementen presenteren...

Panasonic introduceert videowand met ultradunne randen

Panasonic introduceert binnenkort een serie nieuwe hd-led-videowandschermen met een rand die smaller is dan die van alle andere schermen.

Panasonic introduceert nieuwe LF8 en LF80 displays

PANASONIC VERHOOGT BETROUWBAARHEID MET NIEUWE SERIES DISPLAYS. Panasonic heeft een reeks professionele displays geïntroduceerd, die zijn voorzien van een set nieuwe functies,...

Twee nieuwe laserprojectoren van Panasonic voor intensief gebruik

PANASONIC BELOOFT HOGERE BETROUWBAARHEIDSNIVEAUS VOOR LASERPROJECTIE. Panasonic heeft twee nieuwe laserprojectors met hoge helderheid geïntroduceerd, met dubbele...

Panasonic introduceert lichtste 4K projector ter wereld

PANASONIC INTRODUCEERT 'S WERELDS LICHTSTE 4K-LASERPROJECTOR. Panasonic brengt binnenkort 's werelds lichtste en meest compacte 3-chip DLPTM-laser...

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