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Panasonic sponsors World Masters of Projection Mapping ISE’18

Amsterdam’s Light Festival joined forces with ISE and RAI Amsterdam to stage the competition which ran 14th January to 9th February 2018. Panasonic’s newly launched 20,000 lumen PT-RZ21K laser projection technology, helped light up the inaugural World Masters of Projection Mapping championships, which culminated during ISE 2018. In celebration of this, Panasonic hosted a boat cruise for a number of its European journalists, to experience the projection mapping, welcoming them on board for dinner, drinks and the best view/photo opportunity of the mapping championships anywhere in the City. For more information on Panasonic's presence at ISE, please visit: business.panasonic.eu/ISE2018 #PanasonicISE2018 #ISE2018 #WorldMastersOfProjectionMapping #PanasonicISE2018 #ISE2018

  • Creating a unique and appealing atmosphere at The Crazy Daisy bar

    Panasonic and Nausus have…

    Panasonic and Nausus have helped the Crazy Daisy bar in Prague to create an appealing and unique atmosphere thanks to the Space Player. The dual light and projection solution gives the freedom to create visual experiences customers will remember. Watch how the 8 space players have changed the Crazy Daisy bar.
  • Cutting Edge lecture capture at Edge Hill University

    Edge Hill University impl…

    Edge Hill University implements a lecture capture solution with Panasonic technology and Panopto software in a flexible graduation space. By utilising the Panasonic AW-UE70 alongside laser projection technology it's possible to capture lectures in bandwidth friendly HD, while filming events in crystal clear 4K. For more information on Panasonic’s technology for higher education, please visit: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/solutions/higher-education
  • Discover how our Visual solutions are providing freedom to create in various sectors accross Europe

    Discover how Panasonic Vi…

    Discover how Panasonic Visual solutions are providing freedom to engage, collaborate and entertain via some of the world’s most reliable technologies. Panasonic projectors and professional displays have all proven their worth for customers across Europe. From world-class equipment for the live entertainment industry to multi-touch screens for education and professional displays for digital signage, Panasonic Visual Solutions are integrated into operations across industries and sectors, meeting and exceeding the expectations of specialists looking to achieve greater experiences.
  • Opening ceremony of FINA Budapest 2017 world championships

    Hungary saw the biggest p…

    Hungary saw the biggest projection mapping ever made during the opening ceremony of FINA Budapest 2017 world championships. 50 pieces of Panasonic’s PT-RZ31K on an area of 9000 square meters supported the opening ceremony through its breath taking imagery.

    Comics Station Antwerp, a…

    Comics Station Antwerp, a new comic book themed experience centre in Antwerp, has opted for an interactive approach to bring evergreen comics into the 21st century. They installed 22 Panasonic laser projectors and over 90 Panasonic displays with third party overlay functionality, bringing touch screen capability. Over 100 fire sensors and 90 high end IP security cameras in combination with intelligent security software ensure safety for all visitors. For more on Panasonic solutions for museums, please visit: http://business.panasonic.co.uk/solutions/museums
  • LinkRay Tech Shines at Petersen Auto Museum

    Panasonic has been a tech…

    Panasonic has been a technology partner with the Petersen Automotive Museum providing display and projection solutions to enhance their visitor’s experience. Through the use of Panasonic’s LinkRay technology, Petersen can provide an easy to use, targeted, immersive experience through mobile devices. LinkRay uses LED light sources – spotlights, digital displays, or backlit signboards – to transmit ID codes via visible light so that virtually any camera-equipped smartphone can capture it. Smartphones with the LinkRay app read and interpret these “Light IDs” which instruct the phones to download content and information from the internet. From there, the system can provide virtually unlimited information and experiences. Since Panasonic LinkRay transmits data via LED light sources, LinkRay devices can be everywhere!
  • Discover how our Visual solutions are providing freedom to create in various sectors accross Europe

    Panasonic projectors and …

    Panasonic projectors and professional flat panel displays have all proven their worth for customers all across Europe. From world-class equipment for the live entertainment industry to multi-touch displays for education and professional displays for digital signage, Panasonic Visual Solutions are integrated into operations across industries and sectors, meeting and exceeding the expectations of specialists looking to achieve greater experiences while driving productivity and efficiency.

    ISE 2017 saw Panasonic ma…

    ISE 2017 saw Panasonic making an addition to its large venue projector range, with the introduction of the PT-RZ21K. It adds a laser light source companion to the PT-DZ21K, which is Europe's best selling high-brightness projector. RZ21K was incorporated inside the showstopper that really drew the crowds.
  • Panasonic LinkRay™ technology - Introducing a new 1-2-1 mobile marketing tool

    LinkRay™ uses LED light t…

    LinkRay™ uses LED light to transmit digital content to mobile devices, turning digital signage displays, signboards and light sources in to 1-2-1 marketing tools for smartphones. Users can receive data sent from LinkRay™ transmitters by using their smartphone’s camera and a dedicated app. Information can be displayed in the user’s native language, augmenting visitor experiences in spaces such as museums and galleries, as well as in retail environments. Watch our LinkRay™ Technology explanations.
  • Marina Abramović at Moderna Museet - the technology behind a life's work

    Panasonic and Information…

    Panasonic and Informationsteknik Scandinavia provide the technology solutions that perfectly portray the Marina Abramović collection at Moderna Museet. A total of eight Panasonic 55" LCD displays and 33 high brightness laser projectors are cleverly integrated throughout the gallery, suspended from the ceiling and utilising the most appropriate coloured model to best blend in to the room's colour scheme. For more information on Panasonic Visual Systems, please click: business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system
  • Gallery Invasion

    Experimental project with…

    Experimental project with dynamic projection mapping by Skullmapping (http://www.skullmapping.com) Directed and animated by Filip Sterckx Concept by Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck Paintings by Antoon Verbeeck 3D modeling by Birgit Sterckx Sounddesign by Roundhouse Mocap actor: Nicolas Vanhole Created with the Mirror Head and MDC-X by Dynamic Projection Institute (http://www.dynamicprojection.com)
  • Elbphilharmonie Grand Opening | »Ode to Joy« Light Show

    Hello World and thank you…

    Hello World and thank you for your participation. Let's go! ______ www.elbphilharmonie.de
  • Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Grand Opening - Behind the Scenes

    Elbphilharmonie Opening …

    Elbphilharmonie Opening On the evening of the 11th of January the waiting came to an end. With a spectacular production the opening of the Elbphilharmonie exceeded all expectations, and the opening concert was visualized in real time. Especially for this occasion an algorithm was developed which translated the concert from up to 64 live audio tracks into visual effects. This matched music and architecture in an impressive display on the exterior walls of the new architectural highlight in the harbor city of Hamburg, Germany. For this purpose, 27 projectors with a total of more than 800,000 ANSI lumens of light were used, and resulted in a total resolution of 17,400 x 2,160 pixels. More than 800 lighting fixtures were used for the lighting and effects inside the venue. On behalf of the global lead agency Jung von Matt, as well as gestalt communications, PRG XL Video Germany delivered an extensive array of technical equipment. Jerry Appelt developed the lighting design for the event, using PRG Best Boys, Icon Beams, Clay Paky Mythos and over 500 SGM LED luminaires. The video content was created by the Offenbach design agency Madhat and projected onto the walls with twenty four Panasonic 31K laser projectors, as well as three Barco 40K projectors. The Hamburg planning office Beacon was responsible for the production management. Entertainment Technology Concepts (ETC), Laserfabrik and kölnton were also involved in the implementation of the event. More information and pictures: http://www.prg.com/de/en/case-studies/elbphilharmonie
  • Panasonic at Rio2016

    As the "Official Ceremony…

    As the "Official Ceremony Partner" of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Panasonic has delivered approximately 110 projectors and various broadcasting and professional equipment and systems. This support goes beyond provision of equipment. Panasonic provides comprehensive imaging solutions that include: Visual system design, System installation, Operation and maintenance at the venues.
  • Panasonic CARES (V2)

    Customer Assurance throug…

    Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions. A remote cloud base solution for your Panasonic visual technology . For more information please visit: http://business.panasonic.eu/CARES Panasonic CARES Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions - Maximise the uptime of your projectors and displays - Pre-empt and prevent failures or interruptions to operations - Save time, effort and money - Reduce your TCO - Manage maintenance and consumables more effectively and accurately A remote solution for your visual technology If you’re responsible for the operation of projectors or displays in your organisation, you’ll know how critical it is to ensure their constant availability. In lecture theatres, museums, retail environments and many other settings, if your visual technology isn’t up and running, or if you’re faced with unexpected downtime, it can prove extremely costly – in terms of time, money and productivity. Now, however, there is a solution to the problem. Panasonic CARES – Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions is a service for the projectors and displays in your business, connected via our Mobile Virtual Network, helping you maximise uptime, minimise costly interruptions and stay focused on your professional priorities. With Panasonic CARES, you receive expert, proactive support from our specialist team, saving you time, effort and budget. Including M2M equipment monitoring, maintenance scheduling and early warning software – available as either a licensed package or remotely managed service – it’s the ideal way to enhance performance, operations and product lifecycles. Cloud connectivity makes all the difference Most monitoring systems require direct connections between individual projectors and displays, and on-site servers. With Panasonic CARES that has all changed. Your projectors and displays are now connected to our services through a cloud-based platform – creating a true ‘plug and play’ solution. This connection operates over the 3G mobile network or LAN, providing huge flexibility and convenience, as the cloud-based information can be accessed anywhere, from any mobile device. For more information please visit: http://business.panasonic.eu/CARES

    Dublin City University ha…

    Dublin City University has embarked on an AV transformation, including the rollout of Panasonic laser projection technology. The University is set to install the latest Panasonic laser projection technology, alongside the Crestron Digital Media Platform within each suitable teaching space, across three campuses. The combination met a brief that had two main elements, reliable and low maintenance equipment, which would be easy to use for the presenter. By the end of December 2017, it's expected that over 150 laser projectors will have been installed at DCU. For more information on Panasonic laser projection technology, please visit: http://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/solid-shine-laser-projection

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Lastest News

Panasonic op de Fuorisalone 2018: “TRANSITIONS” by Panasonic Design

Panasonic viert zijn 100-jarig jubileum met een visueel sterke, spectaculaire installatie op de Fuorisalone 2018, die plaatsvindt van 17 t/m 22 april 2018 in het Palazzo di Brera in Milaan.

Panasonic en Panopto introduceren platform voor de registratie van lessen over IP

Panasonic Business heeft een technische samenwerking aangekondigd met Panapto, leverancier van all-in-one videoplatforms. Samen gaan de bedrijven kant-en-klare platformoplossingen voor universiteiten en bedrijven leveren.

Panasonic onthult laserprojector met 21.000 lumen voor 4K-beeld en meer

Panasonic Business heeft aangekondigd een laser-fosforsysteem voor 4K en hoger toe te voegen aan de serie projectors, bedoeld voor live-evenementen, tentoonstellingen, verhuur en permanente installatie.

Panasonic breidt aanbod uit van digitale informatieschermen met LinkRay

Panasonic komt met een nieuwe premiumreeks binnenschermen voor openbare informatievoorziening, evenementen en marketing via meerdere kanalen.

Panasonic onthult nieuwe serie draagbare projectoren

Panasonic heeft tijdens ISE 2018 een nieuwe reeks mobiele projectors aangekondigd met hoge helderheid en laag gewicht, ontworpen voor gebruik in kantoren en klaslokalen.

Panasonic onthult serie 4K-beeldschermen

Tijdens ISE heeft Panasonic zes modelseries 4K-beeldschermen voor professioneel gebruik onthuld, met schermgroottes van 43 tot 86 inch.

Nieuwe projector van Panasonic 'wolf in schaapskleren'

Panasonic heeft de introductie aangekondigd van een nieuwe laserprojector van 12.000 lumen, die net zo compact en licht is als de bestaande projectors van 10.000 lumen.

Panasonic toont op ISE 2018 hoogwaardige, interactieve ShadowSense™-displaytechnologie

Op ISE 2018 presenteert Panasonic haar interactieve serie ShadowSense™-beeldschermen, die speciaal is ontworpen voor high-end digitale reclametoepassingen.

Panasonic verbetert helderheid voor bedrijfsleven en onderwijs

Panasonic Business heeft twee extra heldere projectors aangekondigd voor onderwijs en bedrijfsleven, die de draagbaarheid en LCD-beeldkwaliteit combineren met de lage operationele kosten en hoge betrouwbaarheid van SOLID SHINE-laser.

Panasonic versterkt 4K AV-assortiment tijdens ISE 2018

Panasonic has used ISE 2018 to announce a beyond 4K laser-phosphor addition to its projector line-up aimed at live event staging, exhibitions, rental and permanent installations.

Panasonic 30 jaar TOP sponsor van de Olympische Spelen
Panasonic krijgt CTS-accreditatie van AVIXA

Panasonic krijgt CTS-accreditatie van AVIXA. De AV Training Academy van Panasonic is geaccrediteerd door AVIXA. Dat betekent dat professionele AV-dealers en verhuurbedrijven...

Nieuwe spiegelkop van Panasonic creëert nieuwe projectiemogelijkheden

Panasonic heeft zijn accessoire-assortiment uitgebreid met een nieuwe digitaal bediende spiegelkop waarmee dynamische en opvallende bewegende projecties kunnen worden gemaakt.

Panasonic levert projectie voor herdenking van Passendale

Creative Technology installeerde 58 Panasonic-projectoren als onderdeel van de herdenking van de Slag bij Passendale in België, 100 jaar geleden.

Panasonic introduceert nieuw assortiment laserprojectoren voor collaboration

Panasonic heeft een nieuwe serie laserprojectors onthuld voor bedrijven en het hoger onderwijs. Het is de eerste serie van het bedrijf die de SOLID SHINE™-laserfosfor-lichtbron combineert met 3LCD-technologie.

Nieuwe displayserie van Panasonic voor 4K-videowalls

Panasonic’s new 4K-ready video wall display series, the LFV8, is set to launch this summer in 49 and 55-inch sizes.

Panasonic introduceert nieuwe lijn displays voor 24/7-gebruik

Panasonic heeft een nieuwe lijn displaypanelen voor binnen geïntroduceerd die speciaal zijn ontworpen voor digitale informatievoorziening.

20.000 lumen laserprojector wordt de kleinste en lichtste ter wereld in zijn klasse

Panasonic heeft op InfoComm 2017 meer informatie bekendgemaakt over de PT-RZ21K, een filterloze laserlichtbron die de bestverkopende projector met hoge helderheid van Europa opvolgt.

Panasonic introduceert reeks high-end interactieve displays voor openbare informatievoorziening

Panasonic introduces high-end interactive public signage display range. Panasonic is set to introduce two new ranges of robust and accurate interactive...

Panasonic komt met nieuwe serie interactieve whiteboards

Panasonic launches range of interactive whiteboards. Panasonic is set to introduce two new touch-panel displays, which promise to make digital whiteboard...

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